Striped Black and White Shower Curtains

black and white shower curtain Striped Black and White Shower CurtainsBlack and white shower curtain

Black and White are neutral colors. They form an effective background for bright colors. Black symbolizes life for out of it is born the day. White symbolizes innocence and purity peace and faith. It includes delicate and feminine touch to the interiors and helps to emphasis other colors.

When it comes to picking color scheme for your shower curtains, the options are indeed endless. Unlike in the case of the bedroom curtains and the living room curtains, the color scheme you choose for shower curtain must be a delicate balance between the invigorating and relaxing.

It is also the perfect place to express your true design style in an inhibited fashion Black and White color palette is most popular with modern bathrooms being built in recent times. With neutral colors largely dominating the contemporary color scheme, a black and white bathroom looks both stylish and trendy. As a rule, the greater number of colors you use, the less the impact of accent shades. By sticking to a fairly simple black and white color scheme, you give the best possible chance for your bathroom to make a lasting visual impact. The element of simplicity, gives artsy unique and creative effect to the bathroom.

Black and White coloured curtains are considered to be classic curtains. They are charming, appear to be rich in texture and add interest to the color scheme of the bathroom. It is not an unknown fact that black and white curtains give a soothing and a sober effect.

Modern Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Modern Bathroom LightingThis area of our house often gets ignored and not much care is taken of it. Bathrooms are an integral part of our life and it deserves our attention as well. A little care can make your bathroom a wonderful place; there is no need to spend thousands of dollars after it. Lighting in a bathroom is one aspect which can bring about the much needed change in the place.

The bathroom lighting can be set according to its size. A smaller bathroom may appear to be big if the lighting used is bright while for bigger bathrooms a dim lighting is suggestible, dim lighting will not make your bathroom look smaller but will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to it. Colourful bathroom lighting should be avoided at all cost as bathroom is a place to relax and not party.

A bathroom should not have light in all the corners but at places thought necessary. The shower area can have brighter lights so that the area is bright and lively. Dim lights should be used near sink as it will not just look elegant but bring calmness as well.

The lighting designs opted should complement the interior of the bathroom too. Yellow and dim lights go well if the marble fitted is lighter in colour whereas bright light is suggested if dark marble fittings are used in the bathroom. Floral designs around lighting are a trend which is picking up and it can be tried if you want a little bit of art in your bathroom.

Contemporary Kitchen Pendant Lighting

kitchen pendant lighting Contemporary Kitchen Pendant LightingModern pendant lights are quickly becoming fascinating works of art. Apart from offering ample illumination, they seem to bring along with them beautiful balance and contemporary style. With an amazing array of pendant light designs now on offer, the lighting above your kitchen island need not look dull and boring anymore. While there are several lighting options available for every kitchen, elegant pendant lights that offer much needed ‘task lighting’ clearly steal the show.

They not only give you the right illumination that allows you to get the work done on the kitchen countertop, but also act as great décor additions even during daytime. When natural ventilation takes over, pendant lights still seem to retain their enigmatic charm. Here are some interesting and exception design ideas and inspirations that will hopefully spur you to add pendant lighting above your kitchen island as well.

Sleek and stylish pendant lights can complement your kitchen’s Shaker Cabinets which disappear into the walls. There are others that match the metallic tinges of aluminium surfaces and shiny kitchen countertops to offer a sense of continuity. An essential thing to remember is that there is no ‘one solution that fits all’.

Kitchen pendant lighting is an interesting and fun way to add a bit of colour in the kitchen. Since most contemporary kitchens prefer a minimalistic and highly ergonomic design, they can at times appear too sterile. A dash of vivid colour in the form of exceptional pendant lights that sport an inimitable design can break the monotony.

Best Landscape Lighting

landscape lighting Best Landscape Lighting

The beauty of the house is determined by the landscaping and the beauty of that landscape is its lighting. The lighting of the landscape is very essential as they beautify your house at night and they act as outdoor lighting too. Outdoor landscape lighting should not be too bright but should be of simple nature. Landscape lights will complement the overall look of your house so every little detail should be properly planned.

In outdoor landscaping following points can be kept in mind which will help you a lot which lighting up your landscape:

  1. Small lamps along the walking path will look very impressive and it is trendy too.
  2. Usage of small bulbs underneath the trees will make your landscape more visible and attractive.
  3. Beautifully crafted pole lights will not just add beauty but augment the overall look of the house and will be a centre of attraction too.

Customised lighting solutions for your landscape are available too, they are a little expensive but worth investing as they require very little maintenance and they last for long. The architectural feature of your home and garden should not be ignored when installing landscape lighting. Highlighting arbour or the archway is a fantastic idea.

Outlining your favourite trees and bushes with colourful and dim lights will make your garden a marvellous piece which is a thing of fancy and may make your neighbour envious. So, before lighting up landscape keep in mind the trees and bushes you have in garden and plan accordingly.

Modern Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting Modern Kitchen Lighting

This part of the house can be considered as the heart as it keeps your belly filled and satisfied. When the importance attached to the kitchen is this big then it is justifiable to have lighting for this which is nothing but the best. The kitchen should be well lit and one should not try experiments with kitchen lighting as it can go awry at times.

Many kitchens tend to have one big light right in the centre but that leaves the corners of the kitchen improperly lit. Small lights of varying sizes can be put up at different places which will not just light up the entire kitchen but also make it look big. The areas surrounding the cabinets should be well lit too.

A number of lighting fixtures are available related to kitchen; they come in numerous colours as well. One should stick to a maximum of two colours. White light for the entire kitchen is essential but that can be supplemented with blue to give the kitchen a classy look.

The design approach in kitchen lighting must be simplistic in nature. Kitchen lamps which can be fixed on the wall can be also used. These kitchen lamps come in various shapes and shades. The shades chosen should match with the kitchen furniture otherwise it will look like a useless prop item. Lighting along the sides of the dining table is gaining popularity and it can be used for giving classy appeal to the kitchen.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas

Outdoor Lighting Modern Outdoor Lighting Design Ideas

At day time this outdoor lighting may not seem much of significance but at night it is these very lights which makes your house visible and stand out from the rest. The outdoor lighting is important from safety perspective too. Various types of options exist from which you can choose the one most desirable to you.

The most commonly used outdoor lighting popular across the globe is usage of yellow bulbs. These yellow bulbs in addition to providing the much needed light also generate a sense of warmth which will be liked by the visitors. This lighting can be bright as well as it looks good too but it will then shore up your electricity bills. Colourful lights should be restricted just to the garden area and they should not be too bright.

Usage of various lamps available in the market can be made which will look attractive. If you have an outdoor seating area then small chandeliers can be used as in addition to providing beauty they add up providing light outdoors.

For people who are very conscious about electricity bills, they can use low voltage bulbs. These low voltage bulbs generate sufficient lighting and saves you bucks but they do not come in many colour which is a disadvantage. These low voltage bulbs should be made use of as they last long and are very reliable too. One can choose from variety of sizes available, but it is better to have more of smaller bulbs than less of larger bulbs.

Kitchen Floor Plan Design Ideas

Kitchen Floor Plan Kitchen Floor Plan Design Ideas

There goes a popular saying which states that “Floor can make or break your mood”. It is very true indeed as kitchen floor plans are of vital importance to any structure for that matter even to a kitchen. Kitchen floor plans decides the entire outlay of your kitchen. One would not like cooking in a kitchen which is cramped or poorly arranged, so floor plans are really important to make sure you do not go to bed hungry.

The floor plan will vary with size of the kitchen and with the choices you may have in mind. The floor plan will decide everything right from the position of the cabinets to the place where you will sit and eat. Kitchen with large areas have at their disposal plethora of choices, however it is the smaller kitchens which are at the receiving end of floor plans. The kitchen with smaller space should opt for following floor plans to get more out of less.

  1. The centre island can be surrounded with a U rather than the usual L as it will provide ample countertop spaces.
  2. The pantry can the refrigerator can be made into a food storage area as it will help unclog other spaces which can be used for other useful purposes.
  3. L shaped island can be used when the kitchen space is less as it will help you save a lot of space which can used to accommodate larger cabinets, refrigerators or microwave ovens.

The above listed are just a few suggestion which can make your small kitchen look big.

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

antique white kitchen cabinets Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

White kitchen cabinets are chosen not just because they look good but they are classy and elegant too. They have been a popular choice amongst customers for ages. The colour white comes to symbolises modernity as well as traditional nature. White Kitchen Cabinets makes a kitchen look bigger and neatly arranged which is why those with smaller kitchen readily buy them.

These white cabinets augment well if your kitchen receives ample sunlight. They come in various designs and sizes, the choice of size will depend upon the size of your kitchen, however the designs which come in white are all impeccable and they make you appreciate them in the first look itself. The kitchen stuff when arranged in these white cabinets looks neat too.

White Kitchen Cabinets they reflect light and give you a feeling of bigger space in addition to going well with the kitchen flooring pattern whatever it may be. The colour white will make up for any mismatch you have in your kitchen. Kitchen Cabinets they become the centre of attraction and are very easily able to hide the flaws a kitchen may have.

These cabinets will look extremely good if the design chosen is of antique type. Even though the design may be old but if the colour of the kitchen cabinets is white then they add an aura of modernity to the house. White even brings cheer to its users. The biggest fear is that it gets dirty very quickly, that however is overhyped. You can get it cleaned once a year for very little money.

White Painting Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Painting kitchen Cabinets White Painting Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Looking at the same kitchen cabinet again and again for months can be really irritating. So, what do you do? Buy a new one? Well you can go for a new one but why take headache and burn a hole in your pocket when you can give your existing cabinet a makeover.

Kitchen cabinets can be given a completely a new look by spending little money and some time. The cabinets can be painted to change its same old boring look. The painting kitchen cabinets can be with the colour of your choice and patterns can be added as well in order to give them a trendy look.

Before you start up with this exercise you will need to stock a few important items such as:

  1. Sponge
  2. Putty Knife
  3. Spackling compound or wood filler
  4. 120- to 220-grit sandpaper
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Trisodium Phosphate (TSP)
  7. Bucket
  8. Rubber Gloves
  9. Protective Goggles
  10. Rag
  11. Deglosser
  12. Painter’s tape
  13. Drop cloth
  14. Primer
  15. Paintbrushes of varying width
  16. Microfiber paint roller
  17. Paint
  18. Paint trays

Now you are all set to give your kitchen cabinets the much needed change. The old paint must be first removed before applying the new ones. First paint them white so that any colour applied on them after that will settle easily and give a fine finish. If you are not happy with just one colour then you can add pattern of different colours or even draw various designs which won’t just make them look good but appealing as well.